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    Can I control character sets?

    sheridanmc Level 1

      Hello all,


      I'm creating an epub file for the first time, a full-length book. In a few of the chapters, but not all, after I covert to epub, apostrophes are showing up as multiple odd characters. Here's an example:


      "It's not enough" turns into: "It’s not enough"


      I learned when I posted this question in the completely wrong forum by mistake (Dreamweaver--sorry Murray!) that there is such a thing as a character set and that what I want to prevent this problem is to use the character set UTF-8. Anyone know if I can control this in InDesign, or if it was maybe lurking in my source Word file and can't be fixed in InDesign? It looks like I can copy-paste normal apostrophes in place of the crazy-looking ones in the epub file (using Sigil) but I'd rather fix it before I export to epub if I can.


      Thanks for the help,