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      I'm working on a flash website (www.mdsnyc.com) for my office created by a previous employee who no longer works here and I am having some trouble...


      I am using Flash CS5.5 and Actionscript 2.0.


      The website shows a series of images from a folder using the script:




      The "images" folder is in the same folder as the main .swf file for the website so it should be finding the images successfully, however they are not displaying!


      does the fadeOut script not work in CS5.5? Or not run in Flash Player 10?


      Sorry if I'm not giving enough information to answer the question - my actionscript knowledge is limited to only what is necessary to make small updates on the website.

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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          There is no fadeOut function in AS2.  You will likely find it defined somewhere in the main timeline.  It should work in any Flash version/player that supports AS2, which would be most any in use commonly today... unless the function is flawed.


          The swf will only find that images if it is in the same folder as the html page that uses it.  The web page defines the basis for any loading done by the swf since the swf lives in that page when it is functioning.  So does the swf file reside in the same folder as the html page?  If not, then you would need to adjust its targeting as if it is in that same folder.

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