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    Keyframing enabled?

    scott_mo Level 1

      I am new to Premiere Pro but not new to editing. I find that when I keyframe it doesn't work properly. For example in the photos I have attached I set a fade to black up. The problem is the entire clip is black when the opacity reads %100. I can only fully restore the clip if I reset the keyframe. Is there an enable button somewhere? Is this a bug? This happened when earlier when I tried to animated the size, and customize fades.

      It has worked in other edits though *shrug*


      Picture 1.png

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          Colin Brougham Level 6

          Are you changing the speed of your clip in any way? Doesn't look like you're using Time Remapping, but perhaps Speed/Duration?

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            scott_mo Level 1

            I am time remapping. I actualy speed up the clip to 417%. Is that the problem? Should I exsport the clip and then bring it back in? Is there a better way? Send to After FX maybe?

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              Colin Brougham Level 6

              Ah, yes. That's a function of the order in which the effects are applied. The solution is to do your time remapping, nest the clip (simply right-click it and select Nest) and then apply your opacity change to the nested clip created in your final sequence. That way, you'll have "precooked" the time remapping effect, and the opacity keyframes will operate in the manner--and at the times--that you'd expect.

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                scott_mo Level 1

                Thanks for that. I'm just doing that now. So just to confirm, do I bake a clip out of the nest, import it into the original sequence, and then wok with it? Or is there a shorter way from the nest back to the original sequence?

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                  Colin Brougham Level 6

                  The nested clip (or clips--you can select more than one) will replace the original selection with a sequence, and move that clip or clips into the sequence. From there, you can use the nested sequence just like any other clip, so there is no need to export and reimport. If you double-click the nested clip, you'll open up that sequence in a new Timeline panel tab where you can manipulate the clip inside.

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                    scott_mo Level 1

                    I may be doing this wrong but the nested clip reacts to further FX manipulation the same way as the original clip and any edits to the nested clip does not effect the original. If I understand your last post correctly, when I edit the nested clip the FX manipulation should work, correct?

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                      Colin Brougham Level 6

                      Yes, correct. Did you remove the Opacity keyframes on the time remapped clip? Starting from scratch, you should proceed like this:


                      • Add original clip to working sequence
                      • Perform your desired time remapping on clip
                      • Nest the time remapped clip; this will replace the clip with a generically-named sequence called something like "Nested Sequence 01"
                      • Add your opacity keyframes/ramp to Nested Sequence 01 in your working sequence


                      You can get there in a different order, but that should give you the results you're after. When you do time remapping and an opacity ramp on the same clip, the opacity is applied first, followed by the time remapping--but the keyframes don't move. So if you had a 1 second opacity ramp, remapped up to 500%, the opacity ramp would only take 1/5 as long--but again, the keyframes don't move.


                      If you time remap the clip, nest it, and then apply the opacity keyframes to the nest, you'll get the desired output--a 1 second opacity ramp (as an example). In this way, you're forcing the time remapping to be composited first, followed by the opacity ramp.

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                        scott_mo Level 1

                        Thanks for exsplaining it that way. It worked well. I'm love working with this program, I just need to learn the quirks. I've been on YouTube watching tutorials but this was a little more speific.

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                          Todd_Kopriva Level 8

                          > I've been on YouTube watching tutorials...


                          That's not the best way to start. There may be some good things on YouTube, but there's a lot of garbage, too, and a person just getting started has no way of knowing which is which.


                          I recommend starting here:

                          FAQ: How do I learn Premiere Pro?