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    Activation server is down, Design Premium blames me!


      This is pretty funny, so for some reason today I get an activation request from Photoshop CS5.1 eventhough I've used the product many times already, and have activated it. Yet today I opened it up and it told me activation has failed because I was not connected to the Internet. Lo and behold I am here posting this right now. So I see that Photoshop is trying to connect to https://activate.adobe.com/ which is down for me. So actually it's not my fault the product cannot activate, but something to do with Adobe's server obviously. It's pretty frustrating to be told I have 23 days left or my product will be disabled blah blah when it's not even my own fault that this is occurring.


      Doesn't Adobe have some kind of system in place to cope with their server having issues in this instance?