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    flash change html bg color

    jonnybennett Level 1
      Okay I don't know much/anything about javascript, however I thought if javascript were disabled then you could not run javascript scripts. Therefore I wanted to test my actionscript that runs a javascript function with j.s. disabled to see what problems may occur. However all is still working fine. My j.s. is defo turned off, as when I try and log into hotmail I am told can't need to turn j.s. on.

      steve.onRelease=function() {
      getURL ("JavaScript:changeBgColor('#336600')");

      Then in the html page:.....
      <script language="JavaScript">
      function changeBgColor(newBgColor) {
      if (window.document && window.document.bgColor) {
      document.bgColor = newBgColor;

      Any ideas why it is still working? Is it becuase I am only testing locallly?