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    Claim Task: User claiming the task gets an email that task was claimed

    Rob_RH Level 1

      When a user claims a task from the group queue an email is sent that the task was claimed to the user that claimed the task...


      This notification is only nessecary when a task if forwarded by a collegaue. The person that gets the task then knows he personally should take action.

      In AdminUI the group task assignment notification setting is switched off as we use a generic email process to inform all group members about a new task. The regular Task Assignment notifiction is switched on and in the Workbench we configured the component to use a custom email template that contains more process variables than those that are availble in the AdminUI.






      I want to get rid of the email that is sent to the user informing that the task was claimed when the user was the one that claimed the task themselves.


      Any sugesstions?