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    Not connecting to MySQL at run time please help

    OnyxJester Level 1

      Hi all


      would really apretiate if someone can help this noob. Im following the tutorial http://www.adobe.com/content/dotcom/en/devnet/flash-builder/articles/flashbuilder-php-part 1.html and all works perfectly till I run the app and get the following error


      Channel.Conect.Failed error   


      Status 200:url'http://localhost:81/MyFirstPHPProject1/public/gateway.php


      I have followed the tutorrial over and over step by step. My zend server is a Apache server and using port 81. I have updated  my php page with the correct port and MySQL settings.

      Flash builder 4.5 for PHP premium is not giving any errors and conects to the db at development but not at runtime.


      Please any help would be apretiated. Zend basicaly flipped me a middle finger and said they dont suport Flash builder but thank you for purchasing it from us.