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    Elastic Thumbnails for gallery - HELP!!!

    Level 7
      Hi All,

      All you flash gurus please help me in making a flash image gallery using xml
      . I am able to list the images in a rows and columns but the problem is to
      give them an elstic effect.
      The efect is as follows :
      when one hovers the mouse on any thumbnail it expands with an elastic effect
      and the rest of the thumbnails gets contracted simultaenoulsy and on
      mouseout all the thumbnails will retain their original sizes. I have seen
      these kind of effect in some of the websites. I could have decompiled it but
      decompiling dosent make sense as i cannot learn it for future and cannot
      make these kinds of effects on my own.

      So i think u people can help me in understanding and learning these effects
      or can suggest any website where i can get such tutorials.

      Any help will be appriciated