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    cube mapping


      Does anybody know what the 'cubeEdgeLength' parameter below means?


      member(reference).newTexture("sky",#cubemapTexture,cubeEdgeLength,sourceRef1,sourceRef2,so urceRef3,sourceRef4,SourceRef5,sourceRef6)


      I get an error everytime director encounters this line stating there is incorrect parameter.


      But not sure which parameter it is refering too.


      From what I can understand SourceRefs1 to SourceRef6 refer to bitmap cast members so I have set up these as vars pointing to their respective castmembers.


      I am also assuming that "#cubebmapTexture" is the new property in Dir 11.5.9 that allows for the cubemapping.


      Which leaves therefore the "cubeEdgeLength" parameter.  Is this supposed to be an numeric value?


      Does anyone know where there is an example of cube mapping in Director 11.5.9?


      Many thanks