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    Serious Module load issue


      Dear Flex Community


      I'm actually a huge flex fan, but since i work with module its getting a pain in my ***... sorry for my word. But I'm stuck in in a small Problem: loading and unloading modules.

      It seems so easy to load or unload module using the module manager or a moduleLoader... i tried all options, all examples found on any website out there. The result is allways the same: my modules won't load or mess up my GUI.


      Here is my Problem: I load different, very easy constructed Modules with no functions, just the user interface. Loading the modules is not the problem, but a s soon as I load another module and than reload the first module flex freezes and my GUI totally breaks. Buttons don't work anymore, the menubar looks weird and so on. I than have to shut down my browser and start again.


      The Problem occurs no matter how simple or complex the module is.


      I use Flex Builder 3.0.


      I load my modules as show here: http://livedocs.adobe.com/flex/3/html/help.html?content=modular_5.html


      The modules do not contain functions or import any managers or classes.


      can someone pls help me? Its very frustrating. I work on it since month.


      Best regards


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          david79CH Level 1

          To demonstrate the Problem I have exported my Project, you can download it here:




          Its a very simple demonstration of the problem. It works with very very small modules, containing only a datagrid for example, but not with real life modules.


          I'm very thankfull for any advice. I'm really stuck. If you have an idea what the problem might be, or where the mistake is. Pls let me know.


          Best regards


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            david79CH Level 1

            Dear Community


            I'd be very happy for any Help. My skills are not good enough to solve this problem alone.


            Thanks for helping.

            Best regards


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              Flex harUI Adobe Employee

              I got exceptions when I ran your test case.  Are you not testing using the debugger?  Adding these three lines to the main app seemed to help.


                     import mx.managers.PopUpManager; PopUpManager;

                      import mx.managers.HistoryManager; HistoryManager;

                      import mx.collections.ArrayCollection; ArrayCollection;

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                david79CH Level 1

                Dear Flex harUI


                Thank you so much! You are a genius!


                I would test with debugger... though since I installed flexBuilder I only get an error message:



                Flex Builder cannot locate the required debugger version of Flash Player. You might need to install the debugger version of Flash Player 9 or reinstall Flex Builder.

                Do you want to try to debug with the current version?


                So unfortunaltey I had to debugg by hand.


                Again Flex harUI you made me super happy! I'm in your guilt.


                Best regards