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    FSCommand Works with Win 7 but does nothing with Win XP


      I have built an application where in i embbed a swf file into my C sharp win Forms application. The problem i am having is that FSCommand [I know i need to use external interface, but this swf is built by some one else] does not respond on XP machines while it works perfectly with Windows 7. My code is available here

      http://stackoverflow.com/questions/7555139/c-application-works-on-win- 7-but-not-on-xp

      This thing happens on creating a setup file and installing the setup on other PC's

      I have included  dlls AxInterop.ShockwaveFlashObjects.dll

      and ShockwaveFlashObjects.dll

      as an addiditonal measure i tried also to reference to Flash10l.ocx file that i found. but nothing happens.


      I have no clue why this happens and i have been racking my head over this for quite some time now.

      Please Help.