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    Hiding the floating toolbar acrobat reader x




      We have developed software that displays pdf documents on the screen for validation by the user before printing. We need to be able to manage the "print" action within our software and with the new floating toolbar this has become impossible. I can find no trace anywhere on the net of how to display documents without the floating toolbar other thn by configuring each of our client installations which is not an option.

      Can anyone help ?


      Many thanks

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          Dave Merchant MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          Read Mode is a client-side preference, your document cannot directly disable it through an action or script - however if the PDF is set with an initial view that displays one of the sidebars (such as "Document and Bookmarks") the classic UI will be displayed instead.

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            We have done something very similar it seems. The clients (there are several) all want the semi-transparent toolbar hidden and to have all the "built-in" Acrobat interface tools disabled. The only user functionality they want is what they specify for us to control via JavaScript. As soon as user clicks on the Acrobat symbol on the floating toolbar, they get access to all manner of stuff they don't need, the clients do not want them to have and which - frankly - is very ugly. It wouldn't be so bad if we could get rid of the Acrobat button on the floating toolbar. But we are very new to Acrobat X and maybe we haven't found the magic command yet!


            Sorry to be a tad harsh. We've been using Acrobat for years and for the most part, we love it!

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              Dave Merchant MVP & Adobe Community Professional

              A PDF file cannot change the user's interface layout except to do a couple of very specific things, and they are all very temporary. It can hide the toolbars and menus, but the user can show them again with F8 or F9. It can ask permission to open in full-screen mode, but the user can deny that permission. It can force Read Mode to be disabled by displaying a side panel (e.g. bookmarks) but it cannot force Read Mode to be enabled, and a user preference takes priority (so for example the user can choose not to allow any document permission to hide the toolbars, via Preferences - Documents - Open Settings).


              There is absolutely no access to the controls on the HUD, you cannot add or remove buttons even with a plugin. It's a decision Adobe made when the HUD was first developed, and so the code to customize it simply isn't there.

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                iansedwell Level 1

                Hi Dave


                Thank you very much for such a prompt and courteous reply.


                My enquiry was prompted by our having to revisit a range of products we

                developed using Adobe Director and the INM Impressario Xtra. We are very

                excited by the potential of AIR, Acrobat X Portfolios and Flash Builder but

                rather shame-faced for having come to them rather late. No matter, better

                late than never.


                Your explanation is very helpful as it will help us offer explanations to

                our clients. I am sure they can be persuaded given the larger benefits.







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