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    Unable to create PAL DVD of NTSC project. Sound does not convert (speed up), unlike video.

    msp1518 Level 1

      I have Adobe CS5 Production Premium.


      Okay, here I am again, having found no answers elsewhere. PLENTY of PAL to NTSC tutorials out there, but I am not finding what to do about my situation.


      I have a project shot on Super8 and scanned in HD. 24fps uncompressed QuickTime is what I have.


      So far I cannot create a PAL DVD from this project. Video does convert, but audio remains the same (it is not given the 4% speed increase to match the video).


      I would have thought that Premiere Pro has the ability to convert (speed up) the audio since it can convert 24fps to 25fps PAL.


      Someone please show me how to take my 24fps project and create a PAL DVD. I have to finish by tonight or I will miss the festival deadline. I was on this all day yesterday and into the night.


      My other Super8 projects were shot 18fps and I have PAL transfers, so they were not so diffficult. This one...