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    Upgrading AMD PC for Premiere/AE CS5




      I am new to the forum and after reading some topics here i decided to ask you for some help.

      I am thinking of upgrading my AMD PC for video editing. It is a PC which was built for gaming, but lately I have decided to rather invest my free time to learning video editing in Premiere and some basic compositioning in After Effects. As my budget is not high, being a student, I'm asking you if you can share some basic tips on how to get the most out of this configuration, and some upgrades that i should consider. I am working mainly with files that are shot Panasonic TM700, so the codec that I am working with is AVCHD (i know about the stress it puts on the processor).


      My curent configuration is:



      AMD Phenom II X6 1055T

      I know it's not the fastest of processors, but maybe I could overclock it a bit?
      GPUPowerColor ATI Radeon HD5770Not really an expert here, so maybe share your thoughts? (does hybrid crossfire have any effect on the performance?)
      MotherboardAsus M4A88T-M/USB3Nothing special, does allow me overclocking of the processor and setting up RAID for the hard disks.
      RAM8GB (4x2GB) OCZ Gold 4GB (2 x 2GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 1333 (PC3 10666)I have all the slots on the mobo ful, so upgrading memory is not an option at the moment.
      Hard driveWD Caviar Green 1.0TBThis is the biggest problem. I know i have to get seperate disks for OS/Programs and maybe 2TB of disks in a RAID0 for video files. Any suggestions?
      PSULC POWER 600W LC6600Enough power for now, but what about after i put some more disks in?
      CaseAntec Two HundredThe case in good enough for an average setup, I am only thinking of putting 2 120mm fans in front of the disks.
      Optical driveSony Optiarc DVD-RW

      Samsung SyncMaster LCD 2253BW 22"

      Again, nothing special. I am only thinking of adding another one to extend workplace.
      OSWindows 7 Professional 64bitProbably needs some optimizing.
      SoftwareAdobe CS5


      So to sum it up.

      1. I know I have to do something with the storage. I was thinking of buying an SSD disk (64 or 128GB) for OS and Programs, 2 WD Black 7200rpm in RAID0 for video files, and use the disk i have right now for pagefile, output files, ect.
      2. Do I have enough power after puting extra disks in the sistem?
      3. I know I have to invest in a cooler for the processor if i think about overclocking.
      4. The memory shouldn't be a problem as 8GB is enough. Or am I wrong?
      5. Your thoughts about the GPU; does Hybrid Crossfire make any difference at all?
      6. I also know I have to optimize Windows. Any tips?


      I know that AMD are not really the best thing for editing and i would have better performance with an Intel i7 based system, but I bought this system 1 year ago and am still a student so at the moment a huge investment is not an option. Keep in mind that I plan on usting this system as a spare time video editor, not as a professional. I still have a lot to learn about editing in general, so as I evolve in the profession, so will the system


      I appreciate all your feedback.



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          Alternatively for point 1), you can get a smaller-capacity 7200 RPM hard drive for your OS and programs.


          2): Not all "600W" PSUs are created equal. Some can barely provide 300W to 400W before exploding. In the case of your particular PSU, it is of decent quality, but additional hard disks might push it to its limit. I would personally not run any PSU at or near its limit for very long. Go with at least a 750W to 850W PSU of known good quality (not garbage-quality), preferably one that's 80-Plus Gold certified.


          For 3), I agree.


          You are pretty much wrong on 4). The more RAM, the better. Better to sell off all of your system's existing RAM for, say, $25 (or whatever the monetary equivalent for your country is) and purchase 4 x 4GB RAM (16GB total).


          5) All ATi/AMD GPUs cannot use MPE's GPU-accelerated mode at all. They are currently stuck in software-only mode. That mode can be as much as 10x to 20x slower in timeline renders than the GPU-accelerated mode (which works only with Nvidia cards - and does not support more than one single GPU, rendering a second graphics card a waste of money).


          6) Start by opening Windows' Rask Manager, and click the Processes tab. If you have more than about 40 processes running, it's time to turn off (disable) some of the services. There are guides on how to do this.


          And even one year ago, I would not have picked that 1055T to begin with, especially since it's actually slower in CS5 than a quad-core i7 despite the two additional cores in the 1055T due to the lack of SSE 4.x support on any current AMD CPU.


          So, go ahead with your planned additional storage - but do consider my alternative for the OS/programs drive. In addition, SSDs can start to degrade in performance in as little as two weeks - and the only way to restore performance would be to perform a complete secure erase on that SSD and reinstalling Windows and all of your programs. This is due to the excessive "garbage" collection on those SSDs. The next upgrades should be (in this order) the PSU, the GPU (go with a GeForce 560 Ti or a GeForce GTX 570 - and you will need to edit the cuda_supported_cards.txt file in order to allow the GTX 560 Ti to use MPE's GPU accelerated mode since the GTX 560 Ti is not officially on Adobe's MPE-certified list), and finally the RAM.


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