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    Debug help with failure to stop at breakpoint and call stack [no source] indications?

    Glen Swanger

      I am using Flash Professional CS 5.5 and I'm trying to debug a "fla" document (i.e. Panel_TIP_Controls.fla) file and associated action script file (i.e. Panel_TIP_Controls.as) that is the MovieClip class reference for publishing, but the debugger doesn't stops in the breakpoint I have set in the Panel_TIP_Controls() constructor.  In the properties page for Scene 1, Document is identified as Panel_TIP_Controls.fla, Player is set to Flash Player 10 & 10.1, Script is set to ActionScript 3.0, and Class: is set to src.GFx.Panels.TIP.Panel_TIP_Controls (where the src/GFx/Panels/TIP directory is relative to my source path C:\VIPr\Development\VIGE.  I have other movie clip classes that are instanciated as part of this main clip, and if I place a break point in their constructors the debugger stops and the call stack includes the entry src.GFx.Panels.TIP::Panel_TIP_Controls [no source], and when I click on the entry I receive the message "Cannot display source code at this location".  The source exits and the file is opened and it seems the file is obviously being found when publishing the swf file for debugging since the this pointer in the variables section for src.GFx.Panels.TIP::Panel_TIP_Controls seems valid (see below), so I'm not quite sure how to resolve this problem so I can debug the Panel_TIP_Controls.as file.


      Please let me know if additional information is needed.

      Any help would be appreciated.