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    Working with templates


      CS4, version 6..0.5, MSWindow XP, SP3


      1. have a template temp.indt and several documents doc1.indd, doc2.indd.....

              now, when I change or delete an object in the template, it does not show in the documents. 

      Can I somewhere in the menus switch on this feature or is that not foreseen in ID?


      1. The above documents are created by placing MS Word documents into a new ID document derived from the a,m, Template.

              Any change in the word document seems not to be recognized  by ID as was done working with PageMaker.

             How can I see in ID that the word document has been edited?

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          BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          1.       That’s not how templates work. They are a starting point for a new document. They are in no way connected to the template.


          2.       You can set your user preferences to create links to spreadsheet and text files but be aware, that updating a linked Word file will also remove any formatting you’ve done in InDesign.