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    Would love to see.....


      We recently used FormsCentral for a company wide survey and it was great.  We loved it and we will continue to use it but...... we would love to see a couple of enhancements.


      I know that you've mentioned that respondents will have the ability to print the form as PDF by end of theyear.  We are desperately waiting for that to happen.  Hope its soon!!


      I'd like to have the ability to send responses to someone that is not an author of the form.  Some way where there is an email notification with responses sent to another email address once the respondent completes/submits the form. 


      Also having the ability for the form to add calculation formulas such as totaling responses by column would be great.     Thanks for a great and cost effective product. 

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          RandySwineford Adobe Employee

          Thanks for your feedback.


          Regarding your question about notifications, anyone who the form file is shared with can turn on notifications for themselves. You can share a form file by using the "Share" button in the lower left corner of the UI - choose Add Collaborators.


          Hope that makes sense.