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    Project hang: 1 second on 3 seconds donut of death RH9

    Margaret Becker

      My large project has become unusable after deleting cpd file.


      My cpd file was becoming quite large (15MB) and my project was slowing down, so I deleted the CPD file and reopened RH9 to regenerate the file. This normally takes about 60-90 minutes, but this time I let it run overnight. Now it is acting like it is still working on this update. When I open the project, I can work fine for about 30 seconds. Then I get an alternating cursor arrow and wait cursor (donut of death): one second for arrow and 3 seconds for donut. This makes it impossible to work.


      The CPD file is about 3MB now.


      The status bar alternates between "Ready" and "Loading topic list..."


      This is a large-ish project with hundreds of topics, images, and snippets, but it has worked fine up until now.


      Does anybody have any ideas?

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