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    Adding a SWC to a exported swf via a CS Extension

    stevoad Level 1



      I'm building a extension for Flash, and I'd like to be able add a swc file to a exported swf, that is generated through my Extension. I know that in the Flash JS extension language you can export a swf using:


      fl.getDocumentDOM().exportSWF("", true);


      As part of the export process can I add a SWC file, that contains code my CS extension needs to inject into the generated swf file. I did think that I could use:




      To point to a SWC file that is added to the published swf.


      What I want to do is add meta data to the Flash file that can be accessed externally at runtime, so I mark areas of the SWF that are updated dynamically at runtime.


      Are these ideas possible?