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    Question about Computer Build for DSLR use

    Toni Mosshart

      Love this forum!!!


      I would be so appreciative if you guys could help me with a couple of questions.


      I'm going to be using 98% Canon 7D DSLR footage shot at HD for final down-sized output to standard def DVD.




      The config I'm looking at is:


      i7 990x

      ASUS P6T6 mobo

      24G Ram (Corsair Dominator)

      SSD boot

      (6 ???) Hitachis 7k3000 1.5TB... in RAID3 setup with Areca card (size ????)

      video card.. unknown ???



      I have 3 questions:


      1. I know CPU is the key component for the heavily compressed DSLR H-264 codec... BUT... what comes "after" the CPU to help with the playback & editing of DSLR? Are there other bottlenecks?


      2. I'm unsure what specific amount of Hitachi HDDs, and what specific appropriate matching Areca RAID3 controller card would be best to BUILD UP the neccessary HDD transfer rate needed for DSLR editing. I'm figuring 6 drives (obviously 5 plus the hot swap) would give me approx 200 MB/s. Would this be a safe? I'm I off on this?


      3. What video card would you buy? (I'm single monitor only). Is the GTX 600 series going to see the light of day soon or is there something presently on the market that is perfectly good enough?



      thanks in advance for your help!!

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          John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          >SSD boot


          Read these... SSD may not be a good idea, and is expensive





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            Scott Chichelli Level 3


            1) i would buy a 2600k less money better performance unless... you are a heavy animator

            2) absolutely no need for 24 gig Ram unless... you are a heavy animator (12-16 is more than enough)

            3) SSD boot drive? fine if you have money to burn, it will make windows snappier past that very little to no help with editing performance. (helps a tad with temp files, needs to be 256G minimum)

            4) your drive setup is vastly overkill and you certainly do not need an areca card


            2x 2 drive raid 0 (about 205MB/s) each

            an external back up


            oh yeah no need for a video card past the 570 unless...



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              Zoop studio Level 1

              I agree with Scott (maybe he's too honest, he sells great editrigs)

              I just build a 2600K machine overclocking  4.4Ghz on the Asus P8Z68 V pro mobo with 1 Samsung F4 500GB 7200 rpm for windows and programs, 2 x Samsung

              F4 500GB in RAID 0 for cache/preview  and just 1 Hitachi 7K3000 2TB for my Nikon D7000 files (like your Canon)

              4x  h264 layers picture in picture runs very smooth, 7 layers pip gives a little stutter.

              Maybe I will extend the PC with another 3 Hiachi's in order to make 4 Hitachi's in RAID 10.

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                Frédéric Segard Level 2

                I agree with Scott's assessments.


                But if your looking for data safety, and if your like me and don't always backup regularly because you're always pushed by deadlines, I would go with a parity RAID for project and media files. But don't use the on-board RAID5, use a hardware RAID card (be it level 5 or 3;  Areca, LSI or other good reputable and stable brand). You don't need 6 drives for H.264, 3 is sufficient, perhaps 4 maximum if you intend on reading multiple layers of video off the RAID. Just remember, with H.264, your CPU will be the bottleneck to decode multiple streams of video for realtime playback.  Also, for your cache and previews, get a 2 drive RAID0.


                On the other hand, if you're in no hurry and you are very keen on doing regular backups, stick to Scott's 2 RAID0 sets of 2-drives.