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    Frequent crashes with CS5.5 all of a sudden.

    Laer2 Level 1

      Hi.  I've been running AE CS5.5 fine on my Pentium I7 Win7 12 gig RAM, clean system, but suddenly I'm running into frequent crashes that I'm trying to isolate.


      When it happens, it occurs when I try and do a RAM preview.  It renders the frames fine, but when I inturrupt it (keypad INS key) to play what it has, it sometimes says that it can't continue... saying something went wrong with Trapcode Particular, then the Tint filter, and then some other filter.  I don't think they are actually to blame.. just victims of something else.


      The system seems sluggish often, too.  Normally, it's fine, but (I would imagine) when the RAM is filling up with the previews, it sometimes acts like it's an ancient computer... very slow pause before reacting to anything.  Generally, a Purge All clears it up immediately, but I'm not sure why it is straining so often, with an I7 processor, 12 gigs of ram, and a clean system.  Wasn't doing that with any other projects, and I suspect it has something to do with this one.


      I THINK it might have been triggered by my inclusion of particles (although they are hardly enough to strain the system, and I've done this before fine).  Renders fine, no crashes.  Really, only just when I hit the keypad INS key to play a RAM preview.... and that's only about half the time.  Otherwise, it's working just fine.  So, it's seemingly random, although I suspect it's something with the RAM being eaten away as frames are stored as I jump around the timeline.


      I believe it wrote a diagnostic txt file somewhere, but I don't know where it put it, unfortunately.


      Sometimes, even a newly started AE and project load will crash immediately when I try and preview.


      Another possible clue...  I have audio files (.wavs mostly), and sometimes when I would view the waveforms, I get some sort of error there too, but it continues on just fine (showing the waveform).


      I'll often get the 'AfterEffects can't continue... Contact Adobe' window, with (0::42) at the bottom.


      Only other error I sometimes get is the 'AE can't continue: Damaged Item (26:311)' one... usually when I'm trying to save the crash file before it closes the app.


      Any suggestions as to where to begin?  Is that log file worth looking at?  If so, where would that be?  It's only happening sometimes... otherwise, it runs just fine (and has always rendered the whole scene no problem).


      Hope someone can help.  Sorry if this is yet another tediusly vague and all-to-familiar post!



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          Todd_Kopriva Level 8

          You've thrown a lot of information into that post.


          Start simple and work your way up.


          Do you have crashes and performance problems with every composition, even a simple one?


          If not, do you have these problems with only certain kinds of source media?


          If not, do you have these problems only when using Particular?


          And so on.


          If you're having these problems with all media and no matter what effects or plug-ins you're using, and if this just started happening, _and_ you haven't installed any new software then I'd look into RAM going bad.

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            Laer2 Level 1

            Thanks for the reply.  Ya, that's what makes it a bit tricky to narrow down... it's not consistant.  But, it seems to be remedied by turning off some layers, so it is either an overall stress thing (I doubt it, considering the amount of RAM and CPU power), or some effect is tripping up.  Again, the odd thing is that it has no problem rendering in full res (so, everything seems to 'work')... yet it often crashes with a short RAM preview, even at 1/4 res.... so, I'm not sure what to make of all that.  Even scrubbing or jumping to another frame (clicking in the timeline with mouse) often triggered the error/crash.


            I suspect maybe Particular is having trouble... although it didn't have it before, and everything is fine when it does a full render.


            I'm thinking that RAM is being used up (even though it's 12gigs), and for whatever reason, it's tripping over that... maybe thinking it has more than it does?


            System is relatively new.


            Where do the error logs get written to?  I think it mentioned where in the alert, but it hasn't been giving me one of those windows for a while now... just the generic 'Contact Adobe' one.

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              Todd_Kopriva Level 8

              > I suspect maybe Particular is having trouble


              Does this mean that you're only having problems in compositions that use Particular?


              Are you running the most recent version of Particular? See this post.

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                Laer2 Level 1

                That I have yet to determine.  Certainly doesn't seem to crash if I take off the effects layers, such as particles.  I have to isolate each thing and see.  It's just difficult, since it only crashes SOME of the time, so it's hard to get an obvious cause/effect.


                As far as I know, I'm using the most current version of Particular.


                Seems a few things are running odd.


                AfterEffects definitely becomes very sluggish in its response to mouse clicks at points... an obvious delay after each action, as if it needs time to think of each action.  Seems to be a memory thing (as it's fixed with a purge), although I'm not sure why it reaches a point where AE is struggling to keep it's own interface responsive.


                Still getting occasional errors when I try and view waveforms of audio layers, although it continues on fine after the error message.  The error itself is kind of vague, so of no real help.


                Just did another full render test, and it does it perfectly fine every time.  Something to do with the RAM preview, it seems.  Seems RAM is acting up both in that sense (RAM preview) as well as the sluggishness AE sometimes gets into (seemingly after you have previewed and/or jumped around the timeline a lot, so (in both cases) a lot of frames have been stored.  Still not sure why it reaches a point where it's struggling.  Disk Cache is on, so it shouldn't 'run out of RAM' in that sense.  Really confused...  An I7 with 12 gigs of RAM shouldn't be struggling like that (...even though it's random and only occassional).  I was wondering if I have something configured wrong in the memory settings.

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                  Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

                  Disk Cache is on, so it shouldn't 'run out of RAM' in that sense.


                  Actually that could be the problem. Something with AE cacheing frames wrongly. That would in particular apply if your Particular layers use custom particles from a pre-comp. Try to turn it off andd see, if it makes a difference.



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                    Laer2 Level 1

                    Just happened again.. freshly loaded scene/AE.  Moved the timeline marker to another spot on the timeline, and got these messages:


                    A crash occurred while envoking...  Particular... Tint.... Levels (three separate windows)


                    Last logged message: <3276> <dynamic link> <5> 000000001afff4d0



                    It was working fine for quite a while last night, but this morning, it crashed immediately as soon as I moved the timeline.


                    Very weird...

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                      Laer2 Level 1

                      Definitely experiences delays (between the user's actions and the program's response) when there are frames stored in a RAM preview... even if it's a very short preview (few seconds).  Why would that be?  I've got 12 gigs of RAM, so it seems weird that even a few seconds would make the system sluggish.


                      What all might cause a program like AE to be sluggish in its responses (...mouse moves fine... just the reactions to any actions have a 1-3 second delay)?


                      Purging All clears it up fine... but it's odd that this is happening so quickly and frequently, as if I had only a few megs of RAM.


                      AE is showing my 12 gigs as being there.  Has to be something set wrong or some simple thing.  Was working fine before.


                      I'm in at the end of a big project, so I can't test in detail, but will look into it deeper when things are clear.  Just trying to gather some theories and knowledge of what might be happening.  Any info, wisdom and/or suggestions are welcome!

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                        durdenlm Level 1

                        I'm experiencing similar behavior now on CS5.5.


                        The RAM cache fills up, and I know when it gets right to 99% because I use AT Monitor, and lately when it fills up it just freezes up and beach balls. This is relatively new behavior, I've never had problems with RAM preview crashes before.


                        I'm on Mac OSX 10.6.8 and AE CS5.5

                        Dual-Core 2.8gHz, 10GB RAM