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    RoboHelp WebHelp Hangs iPad



      I'm using RoboHelp HTML (will be upgrading to soon) to generate WebHelp pages to support my company's software product. Our QA team submitted a defect that states, "In order for our help pages to work on mobile devices, it should be designed without frames." It goes on to say that the help pages cause the iPad to hang and adds, "Help link leads to a page with a frameset and the iPad hangs when it encounters framesets. They are not supported . . ." How can I fix this? I can't figure out how to remove framesets; and if I could, my help pages wouldn't display properly. Maybe it's because I'm on an older version of RoboHelp and should just wait till we upgrade? Maybe it's how the developers are calling the help pages? Can anyone provide input? I checked the old forums and can't find anything about this.

      Thanks so much,