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    Draft watermark in RH9 docx output?

    MM Acton Level 1

      I'm using RoboHelp HTML 9 and I have a separate cover that I insert for the printed output.


      I created the cover using Microsoft Word 2010 (on Windows 7) and used the Page Layout > Watermark feature to insert a diagonal DRAFT notification.


      When I generated my printed documentation, the cover doesn't show the watermark.


      I tried using both a .doc and a .docx version of the cover page, and producing .doc and then .docx versions of the output. I still don't see the DRAFT on the cover page.


      Ideally I should have a way to make a DRAFT watermark for both my printed and HTMLHelp outputs, but I thought this would be good enough for now.


      If this isn't an option, is there a simple way to do what I want? (Mark a copy as draft so that someone doesn't find a printed copy lying around and think it's the final version.)