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    Cross-references back to footnotes

    claudius X Level 1

      Hi, everybody!

      I'm in a stupid situation. My client wanted to have side-notes to be used instead of footnotes in his book. OK, I used Peter Kahrel's wonderful script to change footnotes into side-notes using cross-references. Everything worked smoothly. Book is in the presss at this moment. But now he wants also to turn this book into ePub. If I knew this earlier I would had done everything differently but now I have a major problem. There are no more any kind of notes--only cross-references and they look stupid after exporting everything as ePub. My question is--is there a script to turn side-notes AKA cross-references back into footnotes? Or is the only possibility to to start from scratch? Good thing is that I could do it quicker keeping in mind that ePub is something completely different (simpler) by layout.