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    Move Encore Chapters Markers

    Angel Guerrero
      Hola amigos!, Aquí con una super duda: ya tengo mi secuencia terminada y hasta con marcadores de Encore señalados, pero ahora tengo la necesidad de mover toda la secuencia un poco a la derecha para poder insertar otros clips, ¿Cómo le hago para que la secuencia se mueva junto con los marcadores de capítulos tipo Encore?

      --Sería ridículo pensar que no se puede y que tendría que mover cada marcador de capítulo uno por uno!--
      Hello friends!, Here with a super question: I have my finished sequence and even Encore markers identified, but now I have the need to move the whole sequence a little to the right to insert other clips, how do I get him the sequence moves along with the type Encore chapter markers?
      - It would be ridiculous to think that you can not and would have to move each chapter marker one by one! -


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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          Unfortunately, DVD Markers (Encore Markers) are attached to the Timeline, and not to the Clips in a Timeline, like Clip Markers are. They do not move, when the Clips are moved. About the only way, that I can think of, is to do this manually. Maybe I am missing something, and others can furnish you with the trick.


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          Por desgracia, los marcadores de DVD (Encore marcadores) se unen a la línea de tiempo, y no a los clips en una línea de tiempo,como marcadores de clip son. No se mueven, cuando los clips se mueven. Acerca de la única manera de que se me ocurre, es que hacer esto manualmente. Tal vez me estoy perdiendo algo, y otros pueden presentar con el truco.


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            Stan Jones Adobe Community Professional & MVP
            - It would be ridiculous to think that you can not and would have to move each chapter marker one by one! -

            The answer is ridiculous (as in, yes, it is ridiculous).


            I believe a number of people have requested this as a feature to be added.


            feature request


            My workaround, which is little better than any other manual method, is to Ctrl Arrow to each Encore/sequence marker, select a clip, and add a clip marker. Adjust the sequence as needed, then do the reverse. Most of my chapters occur at the beginning of a clip, so it is not as bad as it seems.


            But a ripple setting for sequence/Encore markers? A very good idea.