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    Audio sync issue when exporting to h.264


      I've seen this issue reported many times, but can't find an answer, or whether it's simply another bug in Premiere CS5.  The same issue happens on more than one computer (PC with Intel i7, 64 bit, GeForce GTX 470, and BlackMagic video card), the video is HDV using Sony Compact flash.  Audio sync is fine throughout editing and exporting to standard DVD or h.264 blu-ray using Encore Dynamic link.  But when I export directly from premiere to create a flash video or h.264 720p video, the audio moves ahead of the video by about 4 frames.  This didn't happen with CS4. There is a similar issue if I export using MPEG2, though the audio error seems less consistent.  Have wasted very many hours, and a fix or solution would be welcome!  Many thanks.