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    After Effects CS5.5 - Mask changes after I render


      I made a mask using the roto brush on a ProRes 422 clip.  A girl walks through a room, I draw the mask around her so you can't see the room anymore.  The mask looks like I want it while in the project.  However once I render it out, the mask is completely different.  It trails behind her as she walks.  Not subtly either..  It's completely different than how i in=s in the project.  After render, the mask in the project still looks correct, but I can't get a render that retains the shape of the mask.


      I've been trouble shooting by taking all of the refine matte qualities off so that it's a simple mask, exporting clips by themselves and with others, exporting with and without an alpha, but all of these yield the strange, morphed mask.  Regular masks not created by the roto brush do NOT have this same problem.


      Please help.  And thank you!