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    Why does my mobile APP consumes so much RAM?

    NepoL Level 1

      Ok so,


      I'm learning how to do Apps in FB 4.5, I'm new to the Flex framework and so to the AS3, and I've been reading and I know my coding is just not great but I wonder why does an app so small consumes that much RAM?


      I'm building an app wich comunicates with a XML in my server, it just have 1 view and it consumes up to 36mb of ram, wich I presume is a lot for an APP so small.


      I'm runing it on a Samsung Galaxy S2, I'll attach the project so you can make recommendations, I'd really appreciate if you checked this out, it wont take you long:

      Project: http://www.pokemail.info/files/cafeApp.fxp

      Or by folder: http://www.pokemail.info/files/cafeApp.zip


      Be harsh, I need to learn how to code well.


      Thanks a lot!