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    Social Security number OR company org number...


      Need help with one Acrobat field -


      need to crave the format








      in the same field...


      so that the user could write either of this examples

      19640628-5103 or 640628-5103... 


      Also it should be possible to write 560000-0000 -

      that is the format nnnnnn-nnnn or nnnnnnnn-nnnn


      The field asks for either social security number or Companys org number.


      Please help me - I´m in a big hurry!


      ps - also how can I make a field to crave only LETTERS (A-Z) and not Numbers (0-9).


      The field already have a nice little script that changes the users input to UPPERCASE -

      so that if the user writes abs - the output is ABS :-)


      Unfortunally  it is now possible to write AB8 or some other combination of letters and numbers...


      If it not possible to combine this little script I´ll take that away...