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    Typewriting tex animation effect / parametric obect rotation effect ?


      Dear ID users,


      I have been using Keynotes to build up grafic / text animation for clients, but now I want to turn to InDesign to benefit from the text stylesheets, page models and updatable imported images, precious features missing in Keynotes.


      Now I have a problem finding Keynotes features missing in inDesign, such as mainly:


      • Typewriting effect on text
      • Parametric rotation (indesing allows only 90/180º)


      Besides, I do not know how to


      • Integrate a video animation on a page as an object
      • Register a voice over synchronised with the animation


      I guess some of those ressources can be found under Flash, but I don't know where to fetch them. Is there any Adobe Library for common animation effects?


      Many thanks,