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    Air 3.0 ADL.exe crashes on debug of multimodule app


      We're testing a multi module application, which has performed correctly right up until we began testing with the release AIR 3.0 ADL.exe


      On unload and dispose of a current application module and activation of the new app, ADL hangs and crashes. (Win7 Application X Has stopped working error)


      Creating a release build and running that works perfectly. No problems, no errs thrown.


      Unfortunately, we see this same behaviour in the the FP11 debugger; the plugin is killed on module instance/dispose with no reported err.


      As the app is rather complex, I'm having trouble boiling this down to pseudocode for repro.


      Rolling the app back to AIR 2.5  or the  FP10.x plugin removes the bug, the same code debugs and executes as expected.


      Has anyone else experienced the same issue, or should I open this in JIRA?



      Tor Kristensen