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    Modifying "Interpretation Rules.txt" does nothing??


      My video files are being interpreted incorrectly and the format i need to use is not available in the Interpret Footage pop up menu. I have been trying to edit the Interpretation Rules.txt file as adobe suggests.


      At the bottom of the file it says:


      # only adds a custom pixel aspect ratio to the UI

      # uncomment the next line to try it out

      # 0, 0, 0, "0000", * = 10/11/"Custom Aspect", *, *, *


      So i removed the # but still the "Custom Aspect" option does not show in the pop up menu. Why??


      Some more info: I am on a mac so to get to the Interpretation Rules.txt file i had to go to Applications>Adobe Premiere Pro CS5>Adobe Premiere Pro CS5(right click Show Package Contents)>Contents>Plug-Ins>en_US>Interpretation Rules.txt. When i tried to edit the file i was denied access because it said i don't own the file and so it's locked. So i made a copy of the file then was able to edit it and then i moved the original one to the trash and pasted in the one i just edited.


      Finaly, i open up Premiere to see if the "Custom Aspect" option was available and it was not.


      Can someone please tell me what i did wrong?


      Thank you very much.