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    Problem in .htaccess redirection setup

    Ahir Nitesh Level 1

      Hello Friends,


      I am not sure weather this is appropriate place to raise this question or not.


      I have a website www.esparkinfo.com, It is in core PHP, I want to hide php extension and display html extension to my visitors and I did it by changing in .htaccess file.

      Below is the .htaccess code I used to access php file with .html extension


      RewriteRule ^(.*)\.html$ $1.php


      Now the problem is, I can access same file with both extensions like /services.php file access from /services.php and /services.html


      I want to set redirection to .html if visitor type .php extension but I am failed to do so, I have appplied many logic but it gives me "500 internal server error".


      I really apppriciate your suggestions and help.