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    Correct settings for flv video


      I have a bunch of videos, which I exported from Premiere pro CS5.5 to mp4 files. After this I used the Media Encoder to encode those videos to flv-files. The I opened Flash pro CS5.5 > import video > publish as swf and html. Same settings in the Encoder and Flash but still only half of them work. Those sites / videos that don't work just load and load, but nothing happens. Only option I have so is to encode them again from mp4 to flv using different settings to find ones that work. Sometimes bitrate encoding should be CBR, but sometimes it's VBR. For some videos I should encode alpha channel and for others there is no need. This is so frustrating. I'm using a whole day with this trial & error thing. It's hard for me to believe, that encoding settings should have such effect on the outcome. Could someone please help me with this one?

      Example of an non-working site http://ok-opintokeskus.fi/tapahtumavideo2/jalkitoimet/jalkitoimet.html

      and a working one http://ok-opintokeskus.fi/tapahtumavideo2/toteuttajatyhteistk/toteuttajat_yhteistk.html