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    FrameMaker and Photoshop ExtendScript Example

    frameexpert Level 4

      Hello All,


      It seems that there was an example of using Photoshop in a FrameMaker ExtendScript script, but I don't remembe where I saw it. My intention is to get the path of an imported image in FrameMaker, use Photoshop to convert it to another format, and then replace the original image with the new format. Any pointers on using Photoshop from a FrameMaker script would be appreciated. Thank you very much.



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          Michael Müller-Hillebrand Level 4



          I guess the script you are referring to was demo6.jsx from one of the demos. It basically created the script to run in Photoshop as a string and then sent this to the app. Below are the lines.


          - Michael


          function createScript(path){

            script = "preferences.rulerUnits = Units.PIXELS;\


                              docRef_1 = app.activeDocument;\






          // Create a new BridgeTalk object, stuff the script, and send it to PS

          function sendPhotoshop(script){

            var bt = new BridgeTalk();

            bt.target = "Photoshop";

            bt.body = script;



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            SQUIDDS Level 1

            Rick, did you test the ExtendScript coming with Finalyser? You can run it in a document or in a book.

            In a document you can use it for one selected image, or for all image, to change a referenced image with another by changing the format (tiff to jpg, ...).


            - Georg