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    Contribute 3 image Inserting Error.

      I have set up my client to use contribute 3 with the following site; http://www.skihanazono.com (All copyrights reserved to http://www.mediahouse.com.au), works great. One little problem...when the user inserts an image from his computer it causes the page to freeze in ie and crash!!! but it works fine in FF/Mozilla. Now, when i check the page in Dreamweaver, I find out that the image is encased so, <p syle="margin-top: 0px"><img src="myimage.jpg"></p>.

      Is there a way to prevent this from happening, instead, forcing the user to insert the images as so. <div style="hisStyle"><img src="myimage.jpg"></div>? or even just <img src="myimage">

      Basically, i need to stop the images from being encased in <p>.

      I'm not 100% sure this is the exact problem, however, removing the Paragraph tags from the image has fixed the issue, however, my client is not too happy about not being able to insert images (as he's pretty much dreamweaver illiterate).