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    Why do vector graphics appear pixelated when zoomed in, isn't fireworks meant to support vectors?


      I am new to using Fireworks, but I thought it would be great since it has both vector and bitmap support. However, when I work with vector tools and a vector image I imported from Illustrator, if I zoom into the image, it appears as though it's a bitmap. Also, if I were to resize the image down 25% and then bring it back up to a size similar to what it was at, it will look distorted and the quality will have changed? Why is this? I do this in Illustrator with no such results. I thought vectors should be able to be resized up, down, or up and down and they should look relatively the same. Any ideas, what is going on?


      I have screenshots of this happening which I posted on a different forum. But if you want to see the screen shots, go here.


      http://www.sitepoint.com/forums/showthread.php?787277-Help-with-using-CS4-Fireworks-and-Ve ctor-Graphics-They-appear-to-be-pixelated.&s=cd2134478a293cbc045bc150427d5674&p=4968267#po st4968267


      PLEASE HELP. Thanks in advance! I would really like to use fireworks, but with this issue I might have to use illustrator and ditch fireworks all together.