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    Flash player installation problem with Windows Vista 64-Bit




      I just can't get Flash Player to install on my computer with Windows Vista 64-Bit - doesnt matter if I try with Firefox, Opera or IE (I usually use Firefox).


      The download isn't a problem, but when I start the downloaded .exe, this file just disappears from my download folder and nothing happens - besides starting a process called install_flashplayer11x32_mssd_aih_3.exe, which does nothing. The usual installation popup never appears. After that I can't try starting the installation again, until disabling the process via task manager ("Only a single instance of this application may run"). Doesn't matter if I try the download and installation with or without "McAffe Security Plus" btw - same result.


      I never had such a problem before - Flash Player 10.3 was and is no problem to install and use.


      I have tried all the measures suggested in the troubleshooting section on the official site, including the advanced troubleshooting measures (uninstall old version, run as administrator, disabling software firewalls, disabling virus scanner etc.). Nothing helps.


      I don't got those problems with my laptop running Windows 7 - just my desktop computer with Vista 64-Bit.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated.