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    Indesign Timing and animation Panel - Issues with decimal points


      I am trying to animate a dotted line in indesign so it appears as if its moving by making each "dot" on the line appear one after the other using the preset animation "appear". This setting automatically gives the "dot" a duration of 0.583. This means when exporting as swf, the dots appear quite slowly after each other. When i alter the duration to the lowest allowed (0.125), the animation just dissapears completely. I left the duration as the default 0.583.


      To try and solve this i linked all the dots in the timing panel so they would all appear on page load and i tried to stagger their appearance by delaying one after the other by 0.1 seconds. However they would appear at the same speed as before (I assume because the duration is at 0.583 still). It seems that the timings panel doesn't deal with decimal point seconds?? Is this right?


      Does anyone know how i could solve this issue?