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    Cp 4 Button Contingencies


      I'm using Captivate 4 to build a course that has a screen with 4 click boxes and I don't want the user to continue until they have clicked all 4 in any order. I'd like to add a button with a contingency that it does not show until after all four boxes have been clicked. Can I do this?


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          Lilybiri Legend

          Yes, you can. I have explained that for CP5 (easier UI for advanced actions) in this blog post:


          Template for reusing script


          It is not exactly the same situation but will tell you how to show the button when all click boxes have been clicked. You'll have to translate the advanced action, but it is possible in CP4.


          What has to happen when a click box is clicked? Because perhaps you'll have to rewind the playhead to prevent it moving on after a CB has been clicked (which normally releases the playhead). This can be done with another advanced action:

          Assign rdcmndGotoFrame with rdinfoCurrentFrame



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            dmpmt(ascp) Newcomer

            Is there an easier way without using variables and advanced actions? I'm not well-versed in them and was not able to make your solution work for Cp 4. I tried to set up a click box that would show a button after clicking outside of it and having the button jump to the slide I want, but that didn't work either.

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              Lilybiri Legend

              Perhaps someone else found an easier way, those actions in the template were rather simple. Sorry,


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                dmpmt(ascp) Newcomer

                Wow...do I feel stupid note being able to understand "rather simple" actions. It would have been more helpful to be pointed to a tutorial or something that would help me understand how variables and advanced actions work, so then I could apply the template.


                If this is the kind of support Adobe uses to serve and retain customers, it doesn't work. I'm not very likely to upgrade, nor am I likely to purchase any other Adobe products. Steve Jobs had it right!

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                  Lilybiri Legend

                  Sorry, you spoilt my day. I'm just a user like you, not from Adobe at all, trying to help other users. I spent a lot of time trying to help other users, published articles and blog posts.

                  Think I will quit after such a reaction