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    Duplicating a batch of topics for translation

    M-Eve Level 1


      I currently have a set of around 500 topics that I need to translate. I authored these topics in RoboHelp, and would like to keep both languages in the same project. My idea was to create 2 sub folders (1 for English, 1 for French), containing the same set of topics. I would then just have to go in the French folder, change the language settings, translate my topics, et voilà! I'd like to do it this way because my 500 topics are just the beginning of my project. I'd like to translate them by chunks, rather than wait until the project is completed and then translate the whole set. My problem is that RH won't let me copy/paste the topics into my French subfolder. I also tried importing them, but it failed as well.

      Your advice is (very!) welcome.



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          RoboColum(n) Level 5

          If you right click on a topic in the Project Manager pod you'll find a "Duplicate Topic" option. This creates a duplicate of the topic in the same folder which you can then move into the appropriate folder.

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            Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional

            If you right click a topic in Project Manager there will be a Duplicate Topic option. In some older versions it doesn't work too well and you haven't said which version you are using. Please start threads with that information.


            Once you have created the topics, you can drag and drop them into whatever folders you want. Sorry but it is a one by one task.


            The other way might be to try this with a copy of your project.


            Create an English folder and organise all your existing topics under that.


            Create a French folder and close RoboHelp.


            Using Windows Explorer copy the contents of the English folder into the French folder.


            Open the copy RoboHelp project. Right click the French folder and select Import. You will be able to import all the topics in any one folder in one go.


            It's worth a try but remember, you do this in a copy.


            See www.grainge.org for RoboHelp and Authoring tips



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              M-Eve Level 1

              Sorry for the missing info: I have RH9.

              I am trying to avoid having to copy each topic one by one. I'll give a try to Peter's suggestion to create a folder and then import. I tried it, but it doesn't allow me because of Robosource control. I'll remove the copy from the source control and try it again.


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                M-Eve Level 1

                It worked!!!

                Thanks so much for all your valuable tips and tricks. What would I do without you?

                I just had to get my project out of source control, create my French folder, and put it back in.

                Thanks again!