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    Problem with the grandfathering of InCopy assignments

    tramadius Level 1

      I am working on a new edition of a large catalog in InDesign CS5 and InCopy CS5. A majority of the catalog pages have the same content as last years' edition so it made sense to grandfather the assignments from last year's edition (which was created in InDesign CS5). The new catalog resides on a different server than last years so I had to change the assignment locations to reflect this change. When I updated their location in InDesign individual assignment text files appeared on the server and the original assigment .icma files did not update to the new design (still show the old modified dates from 2010). So my editor is unable to see the new design when she opens the individual .icma files (she still sees the old design from last year). So to circumvent this she is forced to open the entire InDesign doc in InCopy which is quite slow due to the server limitations. In previous versions of InDesign and InCopy this was never an issue.


      I tried using the "Update-Out-of-Date-Assignments" option in the assignments pallet but it fails to update anything. Any ideas how to update the assignments to the new design? 



      Any help is appreciated.