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    Can a script in InDesign attach a document to email?


      I know this is a kind of "out there" question, but I figured I would at least ask.


      I spend much of my day designing documents and then emailing the drafts/revisions out. This is a repetetive task for me, so I thought I might automate it in a script like I have with other repetetive tasks. The thought came to me that what if I could just create a menu item that exports the document I am working on as a PDF, creates an new email (in Outlook), and attaches the PDF to the email. Is this possible? My guess is that the email part would have to be done using VBScript, but I was curious if it is even possible before I start getting major delusions of grandeur.


      I am used to scripting in JavaScript, so most of it would probably be written that way.


      Any ideas?