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    Can you set object style to Fit to Content?

    Colin JC Williams

      Hi all,


      I'm setting up a document for an exhibition showguide and before I get too bogged down, I could do with some help.


      Each exhibitor gets a text entry, with a logo alongside. There will be a few hundred exhibitors in total.


      To make things as easy as possible (I hope) I've made a anchored image frame to hold the logos (40mm wide x 40mm tall), which is anchored to the Company Name. This should mean that the logo stays with the correct entry at all times.

      Once I've put my text in, I will have a couple of hundred empty image frames into which I can drag and drop the logos. I've set the 'Fitting on Empty Frame' to Fit Content Proportionally so that the logos all fit nicely.


      The problem is that, after I have placed all the logos into the document, I want to make all the anchored logo frames change from Fit Content Proportionally, to FIt Frame to Content, so that the frame will shrink around any logos that are less than 40mm tall.


      I can't find a way of doing this.


      Is there a way to select all anchored objects, so that I can change the Fit setting in one hit?


      Or, is there a way to set the object style to Fit Frame to Content?


      I feel that I should be able to automate this, but the process/solution is eluding me.