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    Server settings for remote Server in Flash Builder 4.5 Premium

    tweenOut Level 1

      Has anyone figured this out? Seems like everyone is talking about FlashBuilder that comes with PHP and that doesn't help me. So I'm still having trouble moving my mobile app to a remote server and I have FlashBuilder 4.5 Premium without PHP.


      I have created a PHP project outside of Flash Builder and then I have connected to it using the Data/Service tab, but then it ask for the server information and that is where I'm having the issues.


      It works create with the setting like this.



      Server Options

      Web Root: /Applications/MAMP/htdocs

      Root URL: http://localhost/


      But when you try to export a release build or just like to test it, and insert your server settings.


      Server Options

      Web Root: /home/username/domain_name/

      Root URL: http://mydomain.com


      It doesn't Validate which in turn won't let the project work. Also it would be nice to put the remote server in there for testing instead of just for release builds. Any one have an answer. Every tutorial or explanation shows localhost.