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    InDesign CS3 crash

    Idie McGinty

      Hey folks,


      Recently moved to a Lion machine, and I've been experincing an odd issue:


      When opening a file, I get the message:

      "Hyphenation breaks may change if you edit the text in this document. The following hyphenation services are not installed ont his system - Proximity (English: USA)"


      When attempting to open the Dictionary preferences, ID crashes.




      Any idea why this is happening, or how I can fix it? Thanks

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          I had the same problem.  The Proximity linguistic resources were not copied over to your new Lion machine. 


          Quit InDesign, then on your old machine (or on a back-up, if the same machine) navigate to:


          /Library/Application Support/Adobe/Linguistics/Providers/


          and copy the "Proximity" (and possibly "Adobe") folders to the same location on your Lion machine.


          That solved it for me.


          Good luck.