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    Why can't I input text (from MS Word, Adobe Acrobat Pro PDFs, etc.) into/onto a certain page?

    James Sweigert

      I have been having great difficulty inserting or inputting any sort of text or other information onto page 2 of an InDesign document.  (So far, I have 13 pages on seven spreads, and the other pages have been fine.)  Further information:  Page 1 is one type of master ("A-Master" applied), while page 2 (and all pages following) are a different master ("A-Document Master" applied)....  I used a second master for pages 2 and onward, as I wanted to import preferences from another document, to establish a relative degree of uniformity.  I am a relatively new user of CS5.5, but haven't had any major problems thus far with everything else.  My guess is that the text frames for page 2 are somehow embedded above the actual page, and this is affecting import abilities.  However, I can't figure out how to change this.  Any ideas?