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    A bug in the installation of Adobe Flash Player 11


      There seems to be a bug in the installation of the new Adobe Flash Player 11 that leaves this ad-on (“Shockwave Flash Object”) disabled. The result is that when you need it for video content—you get the message to install Adobe Flash Player again, even if you know that you just installed it and it said successfully. After I enabled (“Shockwave Flash Object”) - Flash player works fine.

      This what I did to enable (
      “Shockwave Flash Object”)
      First go to http://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/ and install Adobe Flash Player for your computer.
      Click to open Internet Explorer.

      1. Click the Tools button , and then click Manage add-ons.
      2. Under Add-on Types, click Toolbars and Extensions.
      3. Under Show,
        • To display a complete list of the add-ons on your computer, click “All add-ons” on the left bottom under “Show”.
          Under “Name” go to “Adobe Systems Incorporation” select “Shockwave Flash Object” right click on “Disabled” and click on “Enabled”
          Also make sure “Shockwave ActiveX” is also “Enabled:
      4. When you're finished, click Close.