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    Why does this Project ToC topic have a red X over questionmark pls?




      I am using RH HTML X5.0.2 Build 606.


      I have a project ToC open and things seemed to be going well except one topic has a red X over the questionmark that goes along with the topic title.

      Unlike the others that have no red X, I can't open this topic in the right-side panel.


      If I switch the right-side view to Topics view I can find the corresponding file name...also with an X through it, There is also a corresponding Title entry. If I click on the file name on this side of the window, the page does not open. Those have have no X open up just fine.


      The only thing I can think of is that at some point I changed the name of this topic, but I can't see how that might play into things.


      Can anyone help please?

      Thank you