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    Having trouble downloading Adobe Air


      Hi ,


      I am having trouble downloading Adobe Air .


      Whenever i am trying to download it , the web page is refreshing again and again , without starting my actual download, i waited for considerable time assuming the servers may be busy , but still the download is not starting.

      Downloading from below link




      Tried download while logged in using user id 

      ronie_pinge@yahoo.co.in  , still no luck


      Also tried basic trouble shooting steps mentioned on website such as making sure that my browser is allowing pop ups ,etc


      I am using Mac OsX , 10.6 and browser is Safari , though i tried on the same machine wiht Chrome as well.


      Had a chat with one of the support executive as well , but he was also not able to solve my problem , he directed me to here. Please check why i am not able to download Adobe Air.